It is nearly impossible to compete online without utilizing social media to connect with your customer base. Lanier Tech Pros can create stunning cross-platform social media marketing campaigns that will both increase your customer base as well as engage your current users. We are able to provide your business with targeted campaigns or long-term, monthly social media marketing and management services.

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Why is social media so important?

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Google+. Yelp. These websites all provide marketing platforms with unbelievable targeting potential, and many businesses utilize these platforms in an attempt to reach their customer.

However a recent Harvard University study showed that, while 79% of business owners said they utilized social media in their marketing, a paltry 12% of the respondents were doing so effectively. That means there’s a good chance your business is not maximizing your reach through available social media channels.

strong social media presence allows the online business owner to interact directly with customers and potential customers. For some businesses it provides a way to answer questions before or after a sale. For others it is an important tool to keep the world up to date on the company’s latest products or announcements. Others find success on social media by attracting the attention of traditional media outlets. And still others become customer service champions by fixing issues in real-time in front of people on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media channels. But in most cases business owners benefit from a combination of the above social media benefits.


User Happiness

We focus on engaging your website visitors and converting them to paying customers by sharing content they want to see, and more importantly, content that they want to share with their friends.

Stunning MultiMedia

High quality photos and videos are an excellent way to attract new customers who are looking for what you are selling. Let us show you how to effectively use photos of your business or products to grow.

Engaging Contests

Social media Contests and product giveaways are an outstanding way to capture leads and find new customers. When combined with our professional Analytics tools we can help you achieve an impressive ROI.

Customized Social Media Marketing solutions

Social media shouldn’t be viewed by business owners as something people do to waste time. Rather, it should be embraced as an opportunity to reconnect with the customer, a chance to go back to the “olden days” when we used to interact with customers directly, one-on-one, person-to-person. You know, the 80’s.

Putting your business online is great, but the more of your operation you move online the bigger the risk of missing out on inquiries, sales, up-sell opportunities and, worst of all, customer complaints.


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