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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a series of actions taken in order to affect the visibility of a website in a search engine’s “natural” or “organic” search results. Some of those actions include the creation and optimization of on-site content, proper meta tag structuring, creating “data silos” that provide both search engines as well as human visitors a logical path to follow, internal link structuring and inbound link building.

For E-Commerce and online stores, SEO is consistently a major driver of growth and customer acquisition. In fact a recent survey of 18,000 small to medium E-commerce sites found that organic search engine optimization accounts for around 30% of of an online vendor’s website traffic, which underscores the importance of a strong SEO campaign.

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Local SEO Experts

Optimizing a website in order to appear higher in the search results for potential customers looking for local comanies, or Local SEO, is equally as challenging as general SEO but can create almost unbelievable results for business owners and entrepreneurs of implemented correctly. If you own a local business then you need to capture geographically-relevant search traffic through specifically targeted local ranking strategies that will allow your company to dominate in your local market.

Lanier Tech Pros offers both general and local SEO strategy specifically tailored to your business and your location to ensure the search traffic is hitting your website.

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Meta Tag Optimization

A web page's hidden meta tags, such as the page title and description, are among the most important (yet often the most overlooked) SEO element that Google and other search engines look for. We obsess over meta tags and utilize extensive keyword research to create meta tags that will help your website rank as high as possible.

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Link Building and Link Sculpting

We are experts at making sure the right external linking signals (back links) are pointing to your website. We combine high-quality 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier backlinks with a well thought-out internal linking strategy and social signals to catapult your search engine rankings. We are able to implement marketing strategies that empower you to build a stronger customer base and to grow your business organically.

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Thorough Keyword Research & Optimization

Whether you are creating a paid search campaign (PPC) or want to boost your website's search engine rankings with organic SEO, proper keyword research is a critical component of the process. Lanier Tech Pros uses a highly sophisticated, proprietary method to find the best keywords and phrases to help boost your website's rankings and tracking and grow your business.

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Sitemap Sculpting

A website's sitemap is an XML file that can be read by Google and other search engines, and provides the search engine spider with a listing of every page, post and media file on the website. This list provides data about your site’s structure and contains metadata about your site’s content. Lanier Tech Pros will carefully sculpt your sitemap and make sure it is easily seen by Google and other search engines.

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Elements of A Highly Optimized Web Page

  • Page provides the visitor with authentic content with obvious value beyond simply self promotion.
  • The quality of the page’s content stands out from the competition.
  • Images and videos are  high quality and visually stunning.
  • Page is actually useful for visitors.
  • High quality, well written content creates return website visits.
  • Content & navigation elements are easily understood by website visitors.
  • Overall design is polished, high quality and is well-integrated with the brand.
  • Page layout makes it easy for the visitor to quickly scan content, with important content elements front-and-center.
  • Page and all content elements load quickly.
  • Page is fully responsive so that it displays perfectly on any device.
  • Each page targets a single search intent/question and is created utilizing associated keywords and related terms/phrases. 
  • Primary keyword phrase is included in title element.
  • Primary keyword phrase appears in page URL.
  • Renders in all modern and recent browsers properly.
  • Created to render legibly and beautifully on any screen size.
  • Page is rendered from the same URI no matter which device is being used (no redirects to a separate mobile website).
  • Website utilizes SSL to encrypt all website traffic between the website and the web browser.
  • Content is unique to a single URL. Duplicate content should properly utilize canonicalization and/or 301 redirects.
  • All optimized content resides on-site and is not displayed via iframes.
  • Meta robots tag properly setup to allow crawling/indexing.
  • URL is included in XML sitemap
  • CSS and javascript are minimized so the page loads quickly.
  • Page includes proper meta elements.
  • Title and meta description includes primary and secondary keywords.
  • Where appropriate, page includes proper rich snippets markup.