Tips for using Mailchimp

Tips for using MailchimpMailchimp could just be the most useful marketing tool that small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups have at their disposal. For those that have never heard of it, Mailchimp is an email marketing service that provides a plethora of tools that allows a business or organization to laser-target their promotional efforts at people that want to hear from them the most – potential customers that have signed up to receive email from the business. In other words, Mailchimp helps you turn your email contacts into a marketing gold mine. And they let you do it for free, allowing you to transition to a reasonably-priced paid plan as your organization grows.

10 Tips for Launching a Killer Mailchimp Campaign

Many of these tips were culled from a blog post by François Bonvin at Base 7 Booking and apply equally to any organization using Mailchimp.

  1. Be helpful: Inboxes are flooded with content (69% of subscribers say that too many emails is the top reason they unsubscribe from email)
    Ask yourself why you’re sending an email to your subscribers. Are you doing it because it’s “that time”? Or do you actually have something useful to offer the recipient?
  2. Make it scannable : You don’t want subscribers spending their whole afternoon reading your email
    Do you like seeing a wall of text when you open an email? Neither does anyone else. Most people won’t read it.
  3. Remember most email clients have images turned off as a default
    If the majority of your email is made up of images and external styling you are failing to hit your target, as most people won’t bother downloading the missing content.
  4. Tell, don’t sell
    Focus on telling stories and describing how your product or service solved someone else’s problem.
  5. Prioritize clarity over creativity
    If the majority of time building your email campaign is spent on the look rather than the message then you have it backwards.
  6. Keep subject lines short
    Focus on writing a short, concise and enticing subject for your email campaign. Make the reader want to read your email.
  7. Avoid jargon/insider-speak
    You never know who is reading your email so use clear, concise language that won’t leave a novice scratching his head.
  8. Offer different content than what’s on social media
    By giving readers something “more” in your email campaigns and promoting that “something more” through your social media channels you are able to laser-target those that are serious about what you are offering and separate them from the casual social media follower.
  9. Identify the objective of every single campaign and develop a conversion funnel
    Are you trying to sell a product? Sending news updates? Asking for donations? Whatever the purpose of the email campaign, make sure the conversion goal is clearly identified. No matter what you are trying to accomplish you typically want your email readers to end up on your website, be it to read the rest of an article or make a purchase or donation.
  10. Track conversions
    How do you know your email campaigns are effective? Mailchimp offers some very good tools for measuring engagement and also allows Google Analytics integration in order to track clicks and conversions.

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