social media marketing

If you are not using social media to build your business and increase sales, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ are so much more than a place to go to post photos of your kids or keep up with high school or college friends. Utilizing social media is actually one of the most popular ways to increase brand awareness via digital online marketing today. The marketing power is unlimited and the ability to reach your target audience is remarkable.

While it is crucial for a business to utilize the social media platform to engage and attract customers, we understand that it is not always easy for a busy entrepreneur to stay on top of the latest social media marketing strategies and opportunities. After all, you are in the business of running your business – not managing social media accounts.

Since it is nearly impossible to compete online without effectively utilizing social media to connect with your customer base, it is often best to hire a professional digital marketing company like Lanier Tech Pros to ensure your business is connecting and interacting with its current and potential customers.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence for Success

Maintaining a strong social media presence allows your business to interact directly with the customer and potential customers, the luxury many online businesses do not typically have. This interaction allows you to keep everyone up to date with your company’s latest products, services, or announcements. It also allows you the opportunity to work directly with customers to address any issues or concerns they may have, which will result in a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Hiring a professional social media marketing team, like Lanier Tech Pros, who is familiar with how to maximize your online presence with effective social media marketing, will allow you to reach your marketing and branding goals and rest easy knowing you have a team of social media experts working for you with a goal of making your business successful.

How your business can benefit from a professional Social Media Manager

social media interactionToo often, the responsibility of maintaining a company’s social media presence is left up to existing employees in the company that do not have the experience or expertise to effectively manage a social media campaign. In fact, if someone is managing your social media efforts that is not familiar with the latest social media marketing trends, there is a good chance your business is not maximizing your reach through the available social media channels. Leveraging your online presence is essential and every single business out there today can benefit from hiring an experienced social media manager to take care of their social media/SEO needs.

The experienced social media experts at Lanier Tech Pros can help you raise your brand awareness, increase traffic to your company’s website, manage your company’s reputation, and increase your sales.

How Lanier Tech Pros Can Help Grow Your Business with Social Media

As a business owner, you already have a variety of important responsibilities to manage, so posting updates to Facebook, composing Tweets for Twitter, uploading photos to Instagram AND responding to potential customer queries across all these channels probably isn’t very high on your priority list, which is understandable. This is where the experienced social media experts at Lanier Tech Pros can prove to be a valuable addition to your business. Our team will create a strategic social media marketing plan to help you get the most out of your online presence. Here are a few tasks Lanier Tech Pros excel at:

Social Media Trends – Our Social Media Team is “in-the-know” of the latest trends in digital and social media marketing. We can identify the best platforms and campaigns for your business and direct the efforts on these sites.

Online Business Representation – As Lanier Tech Pros works to manage your social media accounts, we will be a positive, consistent online representative for your business and interact with your customers via messages and comments. Increasing user engagement is the number one best way to turn visitors into customers.

Grow Your Business – Our dedicated team of social media experts are skilled in SEO and other digital online marketing tasks that can contribute to the success and a steady growth pattern for your business.

Increase Customers/Sales – When people are looking for a new product or a business, the Internet is the first place they turn to. With strong knowledge of eCommerce marketing, Lanier Tech Pros can assist with social media campaigns, and online promotions, that are key for building brand awareness for your business to attract new customers and interact with current ones.

Track Results – Lanier Tech Pros can save your business time and money tracking the results of your online social media efforts to determine what is working best for you. Discovering what works best for your business ensures that you are getting the most “bang for your buck.”

Establish Your Business as an Authority –When your business has a large and positive social media presence, you can be sure that consumers view it as a leading authority in its industry, resulting in increased brand loyalty.

Increase Fan Engagement – The subscribers that follow your social media pages are called fans or followers. If they are a fan of your page, they want to hear from you and are looking for opportunities to engage with your business. The more fans you have, the higher your search ranking results will be. Lanier Tech Pros social media guru’s post relevant, interesting, and interactive content, that gets people talking and helps spread the word about your business.

Increase Social Signals – The interaction that occurs when a social media page interacts with a customer and receives feedback such as shares, views, likes, or pins, is referred to as a social signal. These signals are indicators that your business or product is being talked about online and it does wonders to improve your website and brand ranking in searcg results because search engines see businesses with a lot of social signals as being trusted and popular in online communities.

Website Integration – The proper integration of all the necessary social signals in your website can be a tedious but necessary process to take advantage of all the SEO benefits of social media marketing. A professionally designed responsive website will include all of the necessary social media meta data to connect your website to your social media channels. If your business uses WordPress this is even easier with popular SEO and social media sharing plugins.

Build Authority – Social media accounts that have links to and from external sites result in a higher ranking because when other companies link to your company via social media, the search engine then sees your business as an authority, and therefor puts you very high in the search results so people can easily find you. 

Relax and Let Lanier Tech Pros Manage Your Online Social Media Presence

Lanier Tech Pros can create stunning cross-platform social media marketing campaigns that will both increase your customer base as well as engage your current ones. Strategies include the creation and sharing of content via popular social media networks to reach your marketing/branding goals which includes uploading and posting SEO friendly company posts with attention-grabbing images, clever marketing ads, engaging videos, and other content to increase your social signals and search engine ranking. We can provide your business with targeted campaigns or long-term, monthly social media marketing and management services to ensure you are utilizing these popular social media platforms to your full advantage.