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If you are in the business of selling your products or services online, Lanier Tech Pros in Blue Ridge, Georgia can help you create a professional eCommerce website for your business that is designed specially to offer a great experience for you and your customer.

Our goal is to design an eCommerce website for your company that is easy to navigate with the ability to attract new customers. We build and design websites for a great user experience for customers and elevated functionality for clients that enhances ROI (Return on Investment). We think your website should be appealing and function perfectly to give a great first impression of your business.

We understand that your eCommerce website is how your business makes money. Your website should not only be creative, but strategically designed to look good and serve a functional purpose. It should also be structured with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) best practices built in. We take a results-driven approach with a responsive design aspect when creating your eCommerce website to spotlight your online brand no matter what kind of computer or mobile device your visitors are using.

What Your eCommerce Website Should Do for You

Your eCommerce website is the place consumers visit to spend money with your company. It should be designed to work effortlessly for your business so that your customers want to do business with you. There is truly nothing more frustrating than trying to get information about a product and purchase it online only to be met with website problems and shopping cart issues.

The team at Lanier Tech Pros will design an eCommerce website for your business that works well for you to:

Showcase Your Products – Your online eCommerce store should spotlight your brand and products to enhance your digital presence while also giving your customers an easy way to purchase the products they are looking for. No matter what you are in the business of selling, Lanier Tech Pros has the professional web development experience to build a unique, attention-grabbing website that will showcase your products and engage your customers.

Maximize Online Sales – Since you are in the business of selling products online, your website should certainly help to maximize your online sales. The team at Lanier Tech Pros will work with you to understand your online marketing goals to effectively design an eCommerce site that will help you accomplish them. We will consider your current sales and marketing efforts and formulate a detailed digital marketing plan designed to help your business grow. Our experienced eCommerce web developers and copywriters are here to help you increase sales and build your website to optimize conversions.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users – Since more than half of all website traffic comes from users on cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices, it is crucial that your eCommerce website be designed with responsive website design technology, so your customers can access your online store on any mobile device. Lanier Tech Pros creates 100% of our eCommerce websites in compliance with modern web standards that guide the development of mobile websites, guaranteeing your website will look good and function well on any device – from a desktop computer with a large monitor to a tiny cellphone screen.

Seamless Systems Integration –Your eCommerce website should easily integrate with the business solutions you use every day. Lanier Tech Pros builds sophisticated eCommerce websites that can integrate with most of the popular order fulfillment, CRM and accounting platforms used today. This includes payment systems such as, PayPal, and Stripe, shipping services like USPS and UPS, and popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Sage.

Optimized for Organic Search – All online stores that we build are created with search optimization in mind from the very start. We make sure all product and category pages display the proper meta tags and product titles in order to ensure that potential customers are able to find your products quickly.

The Key to Designing an Effective eCommerce Website

online shopping cartWhen designing an effective eCommerce website, there are certain design components that are required to ensure maximum efficiency, navigation, and user interaction. For instance, creating a user friendly, clutter-free eCommerce site that works well for users, makes it easy to navigate, therefore offering them a pleasant and easy to understand shopping experience. Avoiding too much information on one page and including features such as dropdown menus, and making the shopping cart easily accessible, lets users monitor their selections and easily check out to make purchases, which will result in increased sales and repeat customers.

Another key to designing a terrific eCommerce website is to establish and build brand recognition for your product. Your business has its own unique logo, colors, and other style guidelines that should be used consistently when branding on your website to make your brand easy for customers to recognize. Major corporations repeatedly test their website designs to see what offers them the best results to determine which techniques and unique design elements work best for their business.

A strong call-to-action should be included on each page that encourages the user to move towards the next step in their purchase. An “Add to Cart”, “Submit Payment”, or “Proceed to Check Out” button are great examples of how to encourage the customer to finalize the sale. While it is important that your eCommerce website includes only one call-to-action task per page, you may also want to offer them an alternative, only if they do not intend to complete the sale during this visit. Instead of taking the risk of losing the sale completely, good secondary options include “Save Cart for Later” and “Remind Me of Items in Cart” features that can help salvage the sale for a later date.

Important Features of an eCommerce Website for Your Business

While there are a variety of features that can be utilized on your eCommerce website, our team understands exactly what your business needs to be successful and increase sales. An effective eCommerce site should be easy to use, guide your customers through the buying process, and allow them to customize their shopping experience on your website to fit their needs and make them as comfortable as possible.

Lanier Tech Pros accomplishes this using these page features:

  • Suggested Pages and Related Products
    This is an excellent opportunity to increase sales by recommending related products, highlighting promotional pages, and focusing on holiday specials that your visitors may be interested in.
  • A Shopping Cart with Options
    A shopping cart that is easily visible throughout the eCommerce experience adds value to a website. This ability makes your customer feel confident that their goods have successfully been added to their cart and allows them to continue shopping. Allowing them to save the items in their cart for future purchase is also a valuable feature that visitors will appreciate.
  • Product Filtering
    Giving your users a way to customize their experience on your website by allowing the ability to sort and filter products based on category, price, popularity, color, style, etc., is crucial for an enjoyable shopping experience. This combats the frustration of clicking through seemingly endless pages to find what they are looking for.
  • Promotions & Coupons
    Being able to set up both regular and multi-tier coupons in your online store is incredibly important. We can help you get the discounts to the right people who are buying the right things.
  • Clear Product Details
    Clearly written product descriptions with details is crucial for an eCommerce website. When a customer is looking for information that is not readily available, you risk the chance of losing the sale.
  • Offer Shipping Options
    Providing a variety of different shipping options is essential for a successful ecommerce site. Allow for overnight shipping as well as value friendly slower shipping options and make shipping costs available sooner in the checkout process, to give customers a choice as to how much they are willing to pay to have the goods delivered.
  • Payment Confirmation
    Confirmation of your customer’s order and payment ensures them their purchase selections have been received and their order has been received for processing. A page message indicating confirmation of payment confirmation page as well as an email confirming their order/payment is expected. Offering tracking information of their shipped order is also a great way to ensure them of their transaction.

Let Lanier Tech Pros Design Your Responsive eCommerce Website Today

If you are ready to increase your online sales the eCommerce professionals at Lanier Tech Pros can help you increase your selling power by designing a feature rich, easy to use company store website your customers will enjoy using. Let’s discuss your needs today to get you the eCommerce website that will take your business to the next level!